“I had electrolysis training in November 2017. My trainer was a great, not only was she friendly and approachable. Her training was interactive and fun. I learnt a lot and left the training feeling confident and excited to start performing Electrolysis treatments on my clients. I personally enjoyed the one on one training more then the online training”

Kim Raju

“My Electrolysis training was very interesting, informative and well worth the hard work and studying. I am excited to start treating my clients and offer them the best form of permanent hair removal. I would recommend this training to all beauty therapists who want the best results for their clients.”

Farah Essak

“I had the Electrolysis training  in 2016. My trainer was very thorough and passionate. Making us feel comfortable and confident in performing the treatment. Electrolysis is a very interesting technology, that needs patience and passion. I’m grateful to have done this training because no one can take the skill away from me”

Tebogo Sibeko

“I had my training in 2017. I did electrolysis in college many years ago and I never really enjoyed it back then but my trainer made it so easy and so enjoyable, I now love treating clients and I must admit it is my favourite treatment”

Dineo Seoke

“The online training for Electrolysis was challenging but very informative. Our trainer explained everything throughly and helped us understand exactly how to use the machines and how to sell the services. All-round an amazing experience”

Farah - Naaz Snyman

“Have the best Trainer she really let’s you understand a lot and very friendly , informative I highly recommend the Beautique Academy”

Portia Mahlalela

“For the first time in a million that I’m enjoying training, it’s good to have a trainer that really understand and can explain the theory so well, excellent trainer”

Mahlatse Magakee

“The training was very intense but informative. The trainer is very nice and intelligent. And she could answer all the questions”

Abigail Shezi