Beautique Academy was founded to provide comprehensive beauty, aesthetic and applied business training programs that aim to facilitate career growth, entrepreneurial ventures and even career change within the beauty/aesthetic industry. The industry is growing and changing rapidly. We urge and inspire students to kick start or upgrade their career at Beautique Academy as it is vital for both new to learn of new technologies and treatment options, in order to provide the best health and skincare solutions to their clientele. With Beautique Academy Skin care foundation course, you will learn all about the skin and how it works, so that you can further study specialised modules such as Derma pen, Micro needing, CooLifting

The Academy is proud to offer a modern online learning experience, complimented by expert practical lessons. Our trainers are qualified experts, who provide remote and hands-on training support backed by current training and by years of industry experience behind them.



Electrolysis permanently eliminates the cells responsible for hair growth by inserting a small probe in the hair follicle (natural opening of the hair) and emitting an ultra-fast current.
Thanks to modern technology, electrolysis treatments are very comfortable, fast and 100% effective for all types of clients.



Electrolysis is recognized as the only 100% permanent hair removal method regardless of the colour of skin and hair. Safe for face and eyebrows, electrolysis is an essential complement to photo -epilation and allows to complete unfinished treatments. Electrolysis therefore meets all the needs of your customers and gets them total satisfaction.

Am I cut out for this?
  • I am meticulous

  • I take pride in my work

  • I am in good physical condition

  • I am resourceful and self-sufficient

  • I enjoy direct contact with others

  • I like to have a well-groomed appearance

Development of skills
  • Skin conditions

  • Skin Layers

  • Psychology and professional ethics within the workplace

  • Pride in a job well done

  • Professional approach

  • Confidence

Course Outline

Study at your own pace

Sometimes, our schedule prevents us from studying at certain times, whereas it’s completely open at others. By studying online, you can study when it suits you. Moreover, whether you are in your living room or on the beach, your Skin Foundation course will be with you as long as you have your computer or tablet with you. No more excuses.

Richer and more interactive content

The platform of the Online Skin Foundation Course gives access to all the required teaching materials in a highly visual way. Each chapter studied includes a manual in PDF format, a graphic PowerPoint presentation, videos captures or conference clips when available, as well as a quiz-type evaluation. Quizzes are completed online and students receive their results immediately.

Be ready for the practical part

Once the online theory is completed, the student is required to report to the Beautique Academy in order to follow the practical portion of the course. Under the supervision of experienced trainers, students will be allowed to put in practice all their knowledge acquired online and pass their finals exams with flying colours.

Skin Foundation course available to you

Our Skin Foundation training program at the Beautique Academy, is a 20hr training module including Layers of the Skin, how to perform a skin care regime, Endocrine system and how it affects our skins.

Beautique Academy offers Therapist or Individuals new to the field, access to gain skills in desired fields, such as Hair Removal Specialist, Skin care Specialist and more. Enquiry online for more details.

Course: Skin Foundation

  • 0 hours
  • Beginners
  • modalities: anatomy, physiology, hygiene, extractions, steamers, massage, masks, skin analysis, exfoliators, cleaners
  • hours of theory
  • hours of practical