About mesoestetic®

What began as a distinguished compounding pharmacy in the 1980’s, is now a global leader in the world of aesthetic medicine. Mesoestetic’s innovative range is distributed in 90 countries worldwide.

The global demand for Cosmelan and Dermamelan is evidence of Mesoestetic’s leadership in depigmentation. They also proudly boast with an extensive line sterile actives, chemical peels in combination and mono-acids, acne and hair loss solutions, to name a few.

The company has three promises when it comes to each of their products: in-house, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing ensures optimal quality; treatments are proven to be safe and effective; and each product contains the maximum active principle possible.




Dermamelan intimate is specifically designed to treat the genital-perineal area, perineal area, mons pubis, inner thighs and groin. It has a strong depigmenting action, as well as anti-aging action, which makes it a unique, all-in-one treatment for intimate rejuvenation.



  • To remove the existing hyperpigmentation and prevent its recurrence (both a corrective and regulating action).
  • Stops the inflammatory process by blocking enzyme responsible for the formation of inflammation.
  • Stimulating the renewal of the outermost skin layers, by stimulating formation of collagen and elastin.
Am I cut out for this?
  • I am meticulous

  • I have good eyesight

  • I am in good physical condition

  • I am resourceful and self-sufficient

  • I enjoy direct contact with others

  • I like to have a well-groomed appearance

Areas to be treated
  • Genital area

  • Anal area

  • Pubic area

  • Inner thighs and groin

Treatment Plan

What does the treatment entail?

Phase 1 Intensive depigmentation at the clinic: the mask in applied and occluded and the client is sent home with further instruction.

Phase 2 Home Maintenance: after a recommended amount of time, the mask is removed, and home care regime begins.

Richer and more interactive content

The platform of the Online Mesoestetic Course gives access to all the required teaching materials in a highly visual way. Each chapter studied includes a manual in PDF format, Before and Afters, videos captures or conference clips when available, as well as a quiz-type evaluation. Quizzes are completed online and students receive their results immediately.

Be ready for the practical part

Once the online theory is completed, the student is required to report to the Beautique Academy in order to follow the practical portion of the course. Under the supervision of experienced trainers, students will be allowed to put in practice all their knowledge acquired online and pass their finals exams with flying colours.

Course plan

Individual will receive a Beautique Academy Completed Certificate .

The course will cover Mesoestetic modules each with SOP, consult cards, training videos and before and after images.


  • 6  hours
  • Only Qualified Professionals
  • modules: Anatomy of the skin, Intimate peeling techniques and application, SOP, Contraindications, Practical skills
  • 3 hours of theory
  • 6 hours of practical