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Course Overview

The BeauLase technology breaks the mould of previous laser hair removal systems. The high power diode laser transforms electric energy into light, with the combination of 3 wavelengths of 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm .
The laser beam passes through the external layer of skin targeting the roots of hair follicles. The light energy is absorbed and converted into the thermal energy, enabling the destruction of hair follicles. Hair loses its regeneration capacity leading to permanent hair removal. The combination of the 3 various wavelengths offers excellent results for all skin types and colors.

The course is specifically designed to meet the demands of the public, the most demanding employers, and for anyone who wishes to become a true professional within the Laser Hair Removal field.

The entire program was carefully developed by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.  Our instructor will constantly supervise and guide your progress throughout the program by correcting and improving your practical techniques, to ensure that you receive the most skilled and qualified training possible.


  • The lessons can be completed in the desired order
  • The passing score for each quiz is 75%
  • When a lesson or subject does not include quizzes, please press the “Mark Completed” button
  • A summary theory test will be done in class before starting the practical part.

Course Outline