Course Overview

The new and advanced Accent technology combines ultrasound and radio frequency technologies to achieve superior results to those of either technologies on their own.

Using the power of these combined technologies, Accent offers customized treatments for facial and body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation that reveal natural beauty contours – with visible, reliable and lasting results.

The Technology

Accent is an advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement. It combines the latest innovations in ultrasound and radio frequency to deliver effective, highly customized treatments.
The US energy is distributed homogenously throughout the treatment area, effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells.

RF power is then used to produce thermal deep heating to the tissue, resulting in more concentrated energy treatment. This unique combination reduces treatment time and number of sessions while yielding more powerful results.

The course is specifically designed to meet the demands of the public, the most demanding employers, and for anyone who wishes to become a true professional within the field.

The entire program was carefully developed by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.  Our instructor will constantly supervise and guide your progress throughout the program by correcting and improving your practical techniques, to ensure that you receive the most skilled and qualified training possible.


  • The lessons can be completed in the desired order
  • The passing score for each quiz is 80%
  • 1 Quiz retake is permitted
  • When a lesson or subject does not include quizzes, please press the “Mark Completed” button
  • A summary theory test will be done in class before starting the practical part.

Course Outline