Electrolysis & Men

For hormonal reasons, the pilosity of men is generally more abundant than that of women. Yet they are markedly less inclined to call on the services of an electrologist. Paradox? Not really, since pilosity is still considered, at least in our western societies, as a symbol of masculinity. However, in recent years the man-woman [...]

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Why choose an anti-aging facial over a normal facial – What are the benefits?

When you hear the word anti-ageing you automatically think old. Well not really. Anti-ageing facials are generally for the more mature skin, people over 40 years old but are also available for those in their early 30’s and onwards as the skin starts maturing from that age. Anti-ageing facials are also good for skin that has [...]

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Pros and Cons of Dermaplaning & Micro-needling, Professional vs DIY

Pros and Cons of Dermaplaning & Micro-needling, Professional vs DIY It’s me again lovely Beautique Ladies and Gents, your ‘lady know it all’ is at it again, and boy do I have news for you, but first here’s a question for you my lovelies; what’s with the beating and bashing of hard, stump, unhygienic [...]

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Choosing The Right Probe

Although they are very small instruments, probes are an integral part of an electroepilation treatment and can have a considerable impact on the latter. However, it can be hard to find your way around all the available options and use the right probe with every client. We are here covering this subject to help [...]

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Hair removal for teens is a growing trend. Teenagers are generally first in line when it comes to removing unwanted hair. As fine and light-coloured as it may be, hair is simply not tolerated. Young girls compare with each other: one friend shaves, the other doesn’t, one sees an aesthetician for waxing while the [...]

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