It refers to the techniques, tools, and other products we use to treat and take care of nails, while making them look aesthetically appealing.

This includes applying sculptured or artificial nails and decorating the nails.

A Nail Technician studies the 3 Nail Systems including Acrylic, Gel and Fibre/Silk applications.

Post Application, Nail Art may also be applied, which is covered in a fully detailed module



Start your own business and become a boss.

Earn a respectable income.

Career Mobility

Flexible Working Hours

See the results of your work, every day

Develop your creative skills

Course Outline

Study at your own pace

Sometimes, our schedule prevents us from studying at certain times, whereas it’s completely open at others. By studying online, you can study when it suits you. Moreover, whether you are in your living room or on the beach, your Nail Technology course will be with you as long as you have your computer or tablet with you. No more excuses.

Richer and more interactive content

The platform of the Online Nail Technology Course gives access to all the required teaching materials in a highly visual way. Each module studied includes a manual in PDF format, video captures or clips when available, as well as a quiz-type evaluation. Quizzes are completed online and students receive their results immediately.

Be ready for the practical part

Once the online theory is completed, the student is required to report to the Beautique Academy in order to follow the practical portion of the course. Under the supervision of experienced trainers, students will be allowed to put in practice all their knowledge acquired online and pass their finals exams with flying colours.

Professional course available to you

Regardless if you are already a professional in the field OR new to the industry, we have a program adapted to your profile. Please note that the theory can be done online and practical in class.

Individual will receive a Beautique Academy Certificate certified through Services Seta, SAAHSP and Cidesco.

The course will cover Manicure and Pedicure modules each with SOP, consult cards, training videos and before and after images.


  • 60 hours
  • Advanced: Prerequisite – Manicure & Pedicure Course
  • 15 modules: History, Anatomy of the Nail,Nail Conditions and diseases, Workstation, Consultation, Hygiene, Execution, Starting your business
  • 20 hours of theory
  • 40 hours of practical